yehay im bak and stuff guys. For the past, er, I'd like to say two or so years that i've been gone, i've kinda been going through a creator's block of sorts. For the most part, I honestly just haven't really had any motivation to do anything artistic at all, from dicking around with digital artt, to even bothering to pick up the guitar that's been collecting dust in the corner of my room for the past few months. Every now and then i'd get some sudden spurt of inspiration and i'd make something noteworthy, but those random boosts of inspiration never lasted long, and i'd always revert back to sitting around and rotting away in front of a t.v screen. 

but recently, i've realized the impact that his duration of artistic abstinence has had on me. Skill-wise, I'm far behind what I should be, and if I have any hopes or dreams of making it in the art world, even just career-wise, I'll have to pick up the slack, and get back into it.

If you read through this status through to this point, thanks bruh